Know How

  • Engineering & Tooling

    • We have been working on developing customized solutions for our customer’s insert frames and components such as bases, connection parts frame to the base, mechanisms etc. Our strength is our engineering team that is always ready to solve even the most complex projects. Depending on your project we will provide you with support from our highly experienced engineering team. We have a big know-how on furniture frames and components, next to that how to make a design production friendly. Strong cooperation is an absolute must in order for us to accommodate your requirements. When we enter a project, the cooperation starts with an open dialogue on specifications which is very important to ensure the required documentation. If we match your technical and cost wise requirements, we go to the stage that to build necessary tools and a prototype for production. Necessary tools are designed in our engineering dept. then produced in our tooling dept. This will ensure that the whole production process is of sustainable quality.

  • In-house Production

    Metal processes

    • Our focus in production is metal processes. To produce a large selection of steel parts for our products, we are well equipped with advanced machines, including: Cnc tube cutting machines, Cnc tube bending machines, Cnc wire bending machine, Cnc sheet bending machine, Finishing & Polishing, Cnc machining centres, Robotic welding line

  • Wood processes

    • We can work with different quality of wood plates such as plywood, mdf, chipboard in different thicknesses. Our machine park in this dept. Cnc wood plate machining centre, Universal wood plate cutting machine.

  • Sewing and Upholstery

    • Lande TR has a complete upholstery department with cut-and-sew capabilities. The highly skilled employees in this department are qualified in upholstering even difficult forms and can offer their expertise from new product development to full upholstery production. We have experience with all types of fabrics and leathers.

    • This department utilizes a water-based gluing operation. Our sewing expertise encompasses single- and-double needle top stitching utilizing all types of fabrics and leathers.

  • Our production partners

    • Coating (powder coating, KTL, electrolytic zinc coating), Polishing, Chrome finishing, Foaming, Swing